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ZetA Partikelanalytik is a service provider with special expertise in the synthesis, optimization and surface functionalization of all types of zeolite-based catalysts, metal organic framework structures (MOFs) and silica-based chromatographic sorbents. Our long-term experience in this field in combination with our analytical service lab allows us to give proper advice for finding relevant characterization methods for specific problems in this area.

We provide consulting services for method development, characterization methods, data treatment or the general evaluation of materials for special tasks and might as well be able to help you when problems arise in your specific manufacturing process.

Furthermore, we are able to implement characterization methods for your own quality control - from training of your technical staff up to the writing of SOPs.

Do not hesitate to ask us for more details: although ZetA Partikelanalytik is originating from an academic surrounding, we have a high sensitivity for the confidential nature of all of our customer´s requests.

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