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Method Development

Research and development in the field of materials for new applications is very often limited by the use of traditional or standard characterization methods. Values generated by these methods do not necessarily match experimental application data. Very often, the reason for this is obvious - as the conditions during measurement are more or less differing from those in the desired application.

Due to our excellent know-how in both applied materials research and materials characterization, we are able to provide adequate solutions to this discrepancy by choosing an evaluation procedure that matches best - and by applying distinct and proper variations for the measurement conditions. Doing so, in most cases we are able to provide our customers with especially developed and well-defined measurement protocols that generate reliable and relevant data for their specific application.

Furthermore, ZetA Partikelanalytik provides effective support in the optimization of standard-methods for your specific needs - or by providing alternative routes in case of need, like in the actual shortage of acetonitrile for chromatographic tasks. Or in case when time-consuming methods in production control have to be employed: we check and speed up your complete characterization method - fully maintaining the validity of the data generated, enabling you to react faster in case of trouble.

In any case - if you are in need for optimizing an HPLC-separation task or if you need to define and develop a characterization method for completely new applications in materials research: please do not hesitate to ask us for more details. We have a high sensitivity for the confidential nature of all of our customer's requests:

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