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D-55129 Mainz
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Imprint / About "ZetA"

ZetA Partikelanalytik is a service provider with special expertise on the optimization and characterization of porous materials like chromatographic sorbents, membranes, zeolite-based catalysts or materials for heat-storage devices.

ZetA Partikelanalytik was founded in 2007 with the aid of the FiTOUR-programme by Rhineland-Palatinate-"Ministry of Economics, Traffic, Agriculture and Viniculture" as a spin-off from University of Mainz, where both founders conducted their PhD-thesis in the working group of Prof. K.K. Unger. ZetA Partikelanalytik is a fully independent company and serves customers worldwide under full respectance of individual confidentiality agreements.

Company Details

ZetA Partikelanalytik GmbH
Bischheimer Weg 1
D-55129 Mainz
Tel.: +49-6131/210 31-23
Fax: +49-6131/210 31-24
General Manager: Dr. Zöfre Bayram-Hahn, Dr. Andreas Hahn
"Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung"
"Handelsregister und Handelsregisternummer: Amtsgericht Mainz HRB 40792"
VAT-Number: DE 253240386

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