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ZetA Partikelanalytik -
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ZetA Partikelanalytik GmbH is an independent service-provider with a special expertise in the field of porous media. Ever since 2007 we are devoted to serve customers worldwide with measurements and expert knowledge based on long-term experience in synthesis, optimization, modification and application of porous sorbents.

Typical examples are chromatographic media or catalysts based on silica, ceramics, zeolites, active carbons, carbon fibers and metal organic framework structures (MOFs). Furthermore we characterize porous polymers or polymer-coated materials and monitor desorption and adsorption processes. Samples may be investigated as well as particulate grains, powders or monolithic moldings. We supply relevant data based on specific physico-chemical measurements including background information and help for the interpretation of data.

This enables our customers to develop tailor-made materials for their specific field of application or a desired task. In addition of providing analytical data, ZetA is able to develop, optimize or verify synthesis procedures and helps to establish characterization methods for quality control.

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